Bodog Casino has successfully introduced a new adventurous slot game like the Freaky Gym Slots and Freaky Fruits Slots which is called Freaky Wild West 3D Slots. It has a very different and hilarious kind of theme. This slot game helps in winning a lot of bonuses and spins with a feeling of happiness. It has an animated cartoon like bonus slots and has very funny kind of videos that make it very attractive. The three dimensional slots of Freaky Wild West 3D are one of the highest qualities.

If you happen to have a chance at Bodog Casino then you must play the thirty pay line slot game which has five reels. It is interactive and requires you to indulge in it. It takes the player to three different animated centers where there is mystical kind of cowboys. The names of these cowboys are Sherriff Town, Indian Village and Bandit Valley. There are bonus games which can be played after collecting some unique symbols. This is how the bonus round is activated; the winning of first bonus opens the way to three other websites to play three other bonus rounds.

Features of the Freaky Wild West 3D Slots:

Free spin featuring and three bonus rounds; all come at a time by this slot game. Certain symbols need to be collected to receive spins; for receiving three spins, at least two Shaman symbols should be collected. Three Shaman symbols bring five and four will bring you fifteen free spins. Still if you want to have 30 spins than collect five Shamans.

For activation of bonus games, four symbols needs to be collected from Indian Village. However the symbols are not specified they can be any three symbols. This leads to Indian Gold Bonus game slot. Here pots are collected and then the player has to determine that which of the pots have the highest money in it.

Safe Crackers Bonus game requires collection of six symbols at Bandits Valley. The player is also given five sticks with which he got to blow up five of the safes.