If you have never got the chance to know about the Ian Fleming's creative character, James Bond then you really happens to be at a losing end, because it happens to be a famous character in the world of fiction. James Bond gained popularity as a perfect handsome hero who worked as a detective and did wonders. The same book when was transformed to a telefilm, people developed special liking for the James Bond.

Fleming was therefore encouraged by the success of his fiction character and he wrote and came up with many more films. Later many people gained inspiration from Fleming's James Bond, the hero. But other than the friction world, there also happen to be a real world which has its own heroes. The names of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra are worth mentioning here. However mentioning Bond here is not to make people familiar about the wonderful man, Bond rather the reason had been to figure about the gambling game of Double O Cash.

The James Bond of the Gambling World:

James Bond is called as Bond zero seven or in other words Double O seven. Likewise Double O cash is a wonderful slots game where there are five reels and twenty pay lines. This is a very thrilling gambling experience combined with sounds, special effects and thrill, more like a video game. There are many symbols like gadgets, guns, bad guys, beautiful girls, helicopters, bikes and racing cars. But the most important of all the symbols happen to be the James Bond cocktail.

How to get bonuses and spins in this slot game? In order to get free spins the symbol happens to be the Spy Watch which gives ten to thirty free spins. In order to get a bonus, one needs to have a sports car on the pay line. As told earlier, the game starts like a movie, in which a car moves across a pathway and then it jumps and moves forwards.

Eventually, all of a sudden when it turns into a submarine, it gives a surprising experience. The effects of the slot game make it thrilling, awesome and adventurous. If someone gets a hidden prize, underwater mines shooting chance goes to their hand. Winning a jack spot is possible only by playing at a highest rate with maximum coins and the bonus is fifty thousand dollars for it. However the other bonus can generate seven thousand five hundred dollars.