one play strategy

Like the widespread statistical measurement tool, Standard Deviation which measures the deviation and happens to have a high level of uncertainty and diversity; playing the slot games also happens to be highly risk involving diversified kind of game. It is tricky to play it so tricky strategy must be adopted to handle its tricky nature. Such slot games should be selected for playing that offer a big pay out.

One Play Strategy

To play the games which offer huge jackpot options which mean the player can only indulge into the game if he agrees for playing at a maximum bet then equal-ratio payout with One Play strategy should be adopted.

Some Tactics for One Play Strategy

If someone wins one to three times a bet than you should be giving another try. If the other person who is playing has won four times then you can have three opportunities. The other option happens to be quitting the play.

You must keep an eye and account for the games where this type of strategies work well and the others for which it is not possible.

Most of the people however do not believe in this strategy because they have a notion that it is not possible to play and successfully win a slot game with the one play theorem. If you want to verify then you must try out the strategy yourself and should decide by your own that either is it happens to be successful or a failing one in your case.

It should however be kept in mind that sometimes slot games keep on paying and at other times they stop paying pay offs. It should be noted that rather than winning a jackpot if you are successful in winning once doing three plays then you certainly are playing a great slot game.