laptop slot

Slots are definitely the most played game no matter whether it is land-based slots or slots online. Even the newcomer will probably go to slot machines first. The rules are very simple - you just make your bet and push the button or click the computer mouse if you are playing slots online. After that all you have to do is waiting for the desirable combination of slots. If you want to merge into blinking and exciting world of slots it is better to study the information about this.

The exiting world of bright online slots

It is seen clearly that slots have many differentiations. However they vary only in the theme, style and title. The major details and surely principle are similar. Generalization in this sphere is good as you always know what to expect from the game and how to play in any of slot machines. The bellow list includes information about slot similarities.

Pay lines and reels

It's a nobodies' secret that all online and offline slot machines have pay lines and reels. The reels conclude symbols and spin after pushing the button. Pay lines represent the result of the spinning that is combination of symbols. Each slot machine has its own number of pay lines. As usual there are 1, 3, 5, 9 pay lines but sometimes pay lines may be up to 21.

Pay Table

Pay table exists to inform you about the winning combination of symbols. It also provides you information about the amount of coins you'll win. Sometimes pay table may be situated on the second screen or somewhere out of the game interface.

Coin selector

Even in free slots you may found a coin selector which proposes to bet $0.10, $1, 00 or $0.25. You are to choose the coin value before starting the game.