It goes without saying that slots are the most well-known and played game in casino, no matter whether it is online or land-based slot machine. Progressive slots are the most profitable among them. There are linked progressive slots and stand-along progressive slots.

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Progressive slots

Progressive slots are a group of interlinked slot machines that have common growing jackpot. The sum of jackpot depends on the general sum of money that is played in all machines. So it is evident that the gamblers should play with maximum bet. The game continues until one lucky gambler hits the winning combination. Online progressive slots may be combined within one or many sites. But it is desirable to study the "pay schedule" before the game.

Types of progressive slots

The huge jackpots in progressive slots were created by the percentage from all money that is enabled in all slot machines. It is very attractive idea to get a great online jackpot. Different types of progressive slots give possibilities to get a huge amount of money.

The Stand-Alone Progressive

This type of progressive slot machine has a fixed high jackpot and isn't linked with another slot machine. The stand-alone progressive takes the percentage from the played coins. This type has the lowest jackpot in comparison with the other progressive slots.

In-House Progressive Slots

In-House progressive slots or proprietary progressives are slot machines combined together and are operated by casino. They may be situated in one casino or combined in several connected sites. The jackpot is often hit and may comprise rather high amount of money.

Wide-Area Progressives Slots

This type of progressive slots offers the highest jackpot. Many separate casinos link together wide-area progressive slots. Independent gaming company operates this type of slots.

Any way the progressive slots have the highest jackpots and the highest chances to win.