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Gamblers are always searching the easiest way to win a huge jackpot. However there isn't any strategy that allows you to win all the time. The truth is that casinos always receive the house edge. Nevertheless there exist several methods to enlarge your winning chances.

The best slots strategies

During the rather long history of slots game there appeared some curious methods to increase the chances to win and to reduce losing money. Among them Naked Pulls, Loss Limits, 3 and 5 coin machine strategies are the most popular.

Naked Pulls

This strategy is based on the minimalizing the losing money. The first thing that should be mentioned is that you shouldn't play on the machine on which you don't get a pay back during a playing series. It may seem exhausting to move from machine to machine all the time but it really works.

Loss Limits

The more you lose the worse you feel yourself. To avoid such unpleasant situations you should always limit your losing bet that is limit amount of money that you may lose. The point is that every gambler loses time to time. It's a game and this brings excitement and special charm to casino games. But the trick is that you are able to reduce the losing amount from 60% to 12% or even 8%. It's also better not to play up to your last coin.

3 Coin Slots Strategy

As in progressive slots those who prefer to bet maximum have considerably greater advantage. These gamblers receive maximum possible jackpot. Inside 3 coin slots strategy there are some variations such as: up the steps, patterns, controlled patterns, aggressive patterns, squirrels slot strategy, chickens slot strategy, the simple strategy, 3 star strategies and so on. They vary in manner of putting coins into the coin selector.

Whatever you choose we wish you great success and are confident in your luck.