Slot players are in search of amidst slot machines which can gave them great pay outs. Targeting this type of slot machine across the casino floor happens to be a task as tough as looking for gold at the end of a rainbow. Everybody out there in the casino is dreaming to find loose slot machines but only a few are successful or lucky enough to make their dreams come true.

Loose machines takes into account the location too like a person at Las Vegas at a local casino getting 98% would never want to be at Atlantic City for a 90% pay back. The pay back is percentage or amount that the player earns in long run by playing on a slot machine. A loose machine is one that returns a higher amount of pay back to the players.

losing in slot machines

Myths about finding slot machines:

There have been myths and stories revolving among the gamblers who play at slot machines that where the slot machines are located. There are myths regarding the arrangement of the slot machines on the casino floors. There is one notion that loose machines are incorporated inside a place surrounded by tight machines. The logic behind this mythology is that many a times a player is at a time lying on different slot machines. So the pay backs to the players from a loose slot machine go back to the tight machines.

Another notion that surrounds regarding these machines is that they are situated near the entrance to attract more and more people to the casino floor. Likewise, at the junction of the lanes and casino's cage, the machines are loose to attract the people. Another myth is that the noise due to which they have temptation to play all the coins and that is why table games are very tight distracts table game players. The machines are tight near the buffets because while the audience is waiting for the buffet then to just time pass they may play a few coins.

How to identify a loose slot machine?

However, the myths have no sound basis therefore to really identify a loose machine; a person should play a whole lot of slot machine on the casino floor. However the luck counts a lot but still you should give it a try to play slot machines.