It is an enthralling offer with thirty pay lines such that you have to select between the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the page to increase or decrease your pay lines. If you would indulge in more lines, it would increase your chance of winning by a great percentage.

It's a completely virtual experience, after the selection of lines; one is required to play by pressing the spin button on the screen. If you do not want to spin then go for the alternate option that is Bet Max. Automatic spinning can be done by Auto Roll button.

How to play a bonus game

The bonus game is called the ball bouncing game for which you need to have five hundred points. In bouncing ball the player has to be stopped from bouncing the ball and dropping it. For playing penalty shootouts, one thousand points needs to be earned. For being a striker there are three attempts available.

Features of the Slot

Spinning option is available that can be used by choosing the lines and for placing the bets. For playing maximum bet that is all the lines Bet Max can be used. However reel automatically resets after this option. Lines box have lines that are used to bet. For every line, one bet is played. Coin value appears in the denomination box. The payment can be seen in the pay-table where arrangements are placed in descending order.

Cashier button is used to access the account and the balance box shows the balance on the screen. To add a real experience to the game, add sounds while playing the slots by going to the slider and appraising the level of the sound. If you really need to require some kind of help than you should be visiting g the help button where you can get guidance about playing the game. The boxes with the complete bets show the total number of bets that have been played so far.